Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Auchterarder sky

Swinging round from the west to the east in the High Street of the "Lang Toon" (Long Town) of Auchterarder (Uachdar Ardair). My children went to secondary school here, and locals of their age generally refer to the place as AuchterCheuchter (Cheuchter being Scots for a certain unrefined type of country person).


  1. I do like the silhouetted buildings against that dramatic sky.

    But if these were turned upside down it would look like there was snow on the ground.

  2. Very atmospheric. Beautiful.
    As for the Aughterard: I did not have one, so far. Is it a good Malt?

  3. Nearest Malt distillery is the Tullibardine, just 4 or 5 minutes down the road.

  4. What an incredible sky. The clouds are ones to lose yourself in, dreaming of the might have been. Thank you.