Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wire, Time, Tower, Bird, Sky, Tree, See...

The thin wire that can take my words and images to anywhere on the globe, cuts across the very top left of this photo, near to the tower built more than 800 years ago, although its stone, of course, became solid several hundred million years before then, while the bird is much younger but flies by very ancient wisdom, through a portion of sky containing at least one atom that was once inside every person who ever lived before me, and almost all of those who lived more recently too, and the clouds carry specific molecules of water that have at one time been inside every one of you, with time and matter and space all mixed up and interconnected, more than we may often ponder, unless we take the time to look around, and up, and wonder.

and while taking these next shots a young girl stopped and asked of me,
'Why are you wanting a photo of just the boring sky and a bare tree?'

which made me wonder
can she really see?


  1. I think that little girl lacks imagination. I saw many things when I was a silly girl knowing nothing. But I loved looking up to the sky and the clouds, they were fascinating. My Dad always took me around the garden each night and introduced me to the flowers...

    I always found them interesting, not boring.

    I also saw beauty :-)

  2. Or was she suggesting that you should be taking photos of her? Hear in dinosaur country in Oz, I love the sky, the clouds and the boring old trees too. Thank you.

  3. Don't you worry, you should see some of the looks I get when taking photos.
    Especially in the middle of the night with white acyrlic paint alover my face. :)

  4. Ha ha. Maybe I should try that. Would scare the local kids though (as you probably do).