Friday, 23 November 2012

Her name is Delta 3

Dear daughter was Codename "Delta 3" for two long days and nights at an RAF base in England, which began with her getting shouted at in an unflattering jump suit while she achieved near impossible tasks, and ended with her in a long red ball gown eating posh food and drinking port with smartly uniformed male officers while toasting the Queen. She does squeeze some variety into her life. Looks like that Spitfire's wing nearly took her head off as it landed. And no, she is not in the RAF and has no intention of being so. I think I only get told what she's up to on a "need to know" basis, which doesn't cover a lot.

Image courtesy of The Royal Air Force

1 comment:

  1. From the look on her face she was having a fabulous time:-)

    Speaking as a daughter, daughters only provide information to their fathers on a need to know basis.

    But that is because their father has told them all they need to know ;-)