Sunday, 11 November 2012

The bottom of the garden in bleak November

When they were young my children found a Bronze Age coin buried a few inches deep near the roots of that bush in the top picture, and Roman remains and artefacts are quite commonly found in the vicinity. There are claims of a ghostly Roman soldier sometimes seen wading in the stream. Nonsense claims, I expect, but they will most certainly have walked there in their brief time at the Roman camp nearby, before the angry natives chased them south to build Hadrian's Wall for their protection. But for now, just briefly, the place is ours. Although cold at the moment it's still quite nice, but at this time of year I am rather tempted by Hawaii, or Corsica, or just indoors.

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  1. In my youth, it was one of my dreams to walk, one day, on an old Roman land. And then, I got very old, and did not admire anymore stories of conquests and defeats, and could not care less who had walked where. Specially that, in my own so very new country, we have been working steadily, for 3 centuries, at erasing the footsteps of the First Nations who legitimately owned the land before us.

    This being said, your seasonal photos are quite interesting and reveal a beauty of its own...