Tuesday, 27 November 2012

From sun to moon

Another great gloaming as in one direction the sun sets while in the opposite direction the moon rises

Who needs words?


  1. Getting a little bit wintery there.

  2. I always love the moon and sun juxtaposition, it fascinates me!

  3. They cannot live together in the same patch of sky.

  4. They sometimes try to Claude, but then the little moon eclipses the giant sun. There may be a lesson in that somewhere.

    Winterish but no snow yet James (except on the distant high peaks).

    Juxtaposition is a word that I love, Cherie. Something about it. Snazzily over-elaborate but nonetheless nice. Do other people have favourite words? Something about extemporise appeals to me too - again somewhat snazzily over-elaborate, like a wildy patterned shirt.