Monday, 5 November 2012

Nice dark back forward

A gloaming sky
A clear way forward
Heading home
while thinking onward


  1. Ah but what lurks out there in the dark. I hope Aileen will protect you

  2. Very good complement to the verse of the previous post.

    You were really not "Home alone", but Out alone, and now you're on your way back into the familiar circle of your life.

    I read both together. Good cadence. Great feeling.

  3. Well actually Jams, it's more a case of me protecting Aileen these days... and she does take a good photo with her little green hand, doesn't she? And I can assure the constabulary that no road traffic laws were broken while taking that photo but they probably won't believe me. They never do

    And... Thanks Claude.

    In the previous post I actually meant I was wandering around my home alone, in the sense of my home village, and then walking back home alone.

    Today's image was when coming home from Perth (in the company of another life-form).

  4. A welcoming sky to lead a soul homeward.

  5. I'm with CherryPie. That time of day, when it is neither one thing nor the other is one of my favourites.