Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just a lump of carbon

Talking of Aileen (see previous post) she just cannot believe the money that was paid for this:

'It's just a lump of carbon!' she declared. '21 million dollars for a lump of carbon?'

'We know that,' I assured her, 'but it's all about the bonds.'

'What about them?'

'The massive extended tetrahedral arrangement of all the atoms held in place by the bonding electrons,' I explained.

'Electrons?' she asked, clearly puzzled. 'You still believe in electrons?'


'Oh deary, deary me,' she said, through her translator ring of course, while shaking her little green head.

She is tiny, but sometimes she makes me feel so small.


  1. I asked Dulcinea tonight, 'Would you like a lump of carbon?'

    'Like soot or coal, you mean?'

    'Eh...elementally yes, but...'

    'I prefer flowers,' she said.

    Oh well. At least I offered.

  2. I would prefer flowers myself. Now if you are talking emeralds now...

  3. Ah Shirl is not fused about diamonds but if I gave her a lump of coal I know from which orifice I would have to extract it

  4. Jams - My first good laugh, this week...

  5. I can't believe anyone would pay that much either. But I suppose if you can afford something like that money is meaningless anyway.

  6. Possibly bought as an investment. A safe way to store 21 million dollars and get it to grow in these times, perhaps. It does look nice. Things are worth whatever people will pay for them eh?

  7. Oh yes it looks beautiful, but so do trees, leaves, flowers and sunsets. I don't have to pay for those :-)

  8. I can't believe what was paid for it either!!!

  9. Aileen's at it again with her homespun wisdom.

  10. Spun in her own strange home though James :)

    I am glad you feel the free stuff is better Cherie - my Birthday presents for you, and all the other ladies will be found outside your windows :)

  11. I noticed my birthday present this morning it is very beautiful :-)

    I will try and take a photograph tomorrow or Saturday. I am not sure I will be able to do it justice though...