Thursday, 18 October 2012


For enlightenment, try here


  1. I need to come back and read your link more closely after I am back from my travels (which start tomorrow).

    But for now my question (to you and to me) is who or what is God. And what does it mean?

    Questions, questions always questions...

    Perfect photo for these discussions :-)

  2. God knows, Cherie :)

    I certainly don't.

    It disturbs me how glibly people use the term without ever properly addressing what they actually mean by it, and what led them to whatever they actually mean by it. I know that many people who use the term never really address the issue of what they mean by it.

    Anyway, I hope you have good travels, Bon Voyage.

  3. It is not a term I would ever use, I think people who use that term need a safety blanket or use the term to try and sound superior over others...

    I have my beliefs (which I know differ from yours), but I still don't know, I am still exploring and hopefully that will lead me to learning... Something!

    Thank you for your good wishes :-)

  4. Cherie, you say "I have my beliefs (which I know differ from yours)"

    But I don't have any beliefs. I seriously don't. I have insufficient confidence in anything to actually believe in it, and that goes for all science, religion, politics, economics, everything. The only thing my thoughts have revealed to me is that I have no ultimate or complete confidence in what any of my thoughts might suggest.

    An interesting topic to explore.

  5. You are a very cruel man. I am not enlightened. My brain hurts. Or I think it is mine.

  6. Oh... I am sorry. My only intention was to entertain. So I am a cruel entertainer? Oh dear. And I meant enlightenment about the image. Maybe you thought I meant enlightenment about the meaning of life, the universe and everything :)

  7. As I thought. Just the same, the issues you raised in that little gem are complex. There is a wonderful Far Side Cartoon which fits the occasion. The usual dorky child has his hand up saying 'may I be excused? I think my brain is full.' Sadly for today at least I think that I am channelling that child.

  8. That's how it works... I gather up all the troubling turmoil in my own brain and I pour it into someone else's, and thus I feel much better :) My brain is nice and calm now, although I'm sure I will have more turmoil to release later. I think you may be right. I think I may be cruel... You may now have an insight for how my poor students feel when I lecture :)

  9. Thanks for the post. Fantastic photo for the story. And I always enjoy rereading it. You are a good raconteur. You grab the reader's attention and never let go. Of course, it's a fascinating subject. God's name is on people's lips, and in everyone's mind, nearly from day one of our existence. That you would have an encounter with him is not surprising. And why not in a pub, if it's where you spend most of your time?

    Possibly, faith in God could be an illusion. In my case, I call it a gift. And I understand well people who doubt. I understand a lot less people who slam their judging gods into our lives. It makes me nauseated.

    Please, let me know if god visits you again. And would you tell him that I'm at La Bohème for a coffee and pastry. I would gladly buy him a fruit tart.


  10. I gave him a shout, but I think I heard his very distant voice saying, "Can't talk now Andrew, I've had a better offer from Claude in Canada."

    Take a close look at everyone around you, for he/she/it/they may be in any one of them (or perhaps even all).

  11. Do your friends ever leave you be? You must e an alien's idea of a stud muffin!

  12. Stud Muffin? Moi? Shhh Jams. In this October holiday week. Dulcinea has been learning how to use the internet. She said last weekend that it really was time she got into it, having persisted on being an avid reader of just the printed word for all those years. She used to be an clinical electrophysiologist so she will be a quick learner, and she has my old IBM Thinkpad open in the lounge as we speak. I am worried...