Monday, 15 October 2012

North-East in October

 Breakfast in Stonehaven then a walk along the beach and around the harbour

 Coffee, cake and a wander in "The Granite City" of Aberdeen


Saying hello to King Robert the Bruce

Then dinner on the way home at a riverside restaurant in Dundee, with the Tay Rail Bridge in the distance

while thinking of McGonagall
and trying to make a rhyme
but managing nothing quite as bad
as he did all the time

A pleasant day out


  1. A very pleasant day out. Thank you for taking us. The perspective you got on the shots of the building was incredible - I found myself leaning back from the screen (which is probably a good thing if I am not to become a hunchback).

  2. It looks like a very pleasant day indeed

  3. Interesting outing. Love that shadowed photo. Poem wasn't bad at all. I wish it had been longer.

  4. Ah yes, my lady even consented to let me put my arm around her for the shadow photo. The Don and Dulcinea eclipsing the sun as one :)

  5. It looks like a lovely day and place for a walk. I had to skip quickly past the coffee cake before I was tempted...

  6. I am glad you enjoyed it EC, I did do a lot of looking up.

    It was nice. Only virtual calories on a blog post Cherie, you could have lingered, unless you'd be tempted for real ones close at hand.

  7. That's a great building, the abbey, is it?
    I've only ever seen it once before in a photo on a blog. I like your photo here with the silhouetted statue.

  8. Not an Abbey Syncy, it is part of the university. It is quite a stunning sight with the sun shining on it.

  9. Looks not unlike the northwest in October in some respects.