Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery

An interesting afternoon at Kelvingrove in Glasgow while the rain hammered down remorselessly outside, seemingly depositing much of the Atlantic ocean on the city. Inside the wonderful big old building we found many fine things, including

a Spitfire

one of Salvador Dali's most famous paintings

Lots of expressions on hanging heads

Even a very realistic painting of The Great Don QuiScottie and his Dulcinea

among other fine Scottish paintings

and an angry bear that the Don soon chased off

out into wet Glasgow and away


  1. Another superb post! I printed this one as I don't think I could afford to buy the second and fourth paintings. Can you tell me who is in the right corner with you and Dulcinée? The link to the Gallery, with information on the Dali's "Christ on St.John of the Cross", was so interesting. Those suspended heads are fascinating. And I truly love the other two paintings. What a great place to visit. Thank you for sharing. I didn't know you could take photos in a Museum.

    P.S. The bear has arrived safely in Toronto and is now entering our pastry shops. Merci Sir Don!

  2. Photos are allowed so long as not for commercial use, and entry to most museums in Scotland is free. All very nice. I don't know who that is beside the Don & Dulcinea, sorry. I am glad to hear the bear has scooted back to a country where it belongs.

  3. The best of all these photos is the one of Don QuiScottie and his Dulcinea.

    Apart from that the photo sequence is rather reminiscent of Lord of the Rings!

  4. Lord of the Rings?

    You have me puzzling to see the connection.

  5. The photo I mentioned reminds me of that :-)

  6. You didn't run into Rab on your travels?

  7. I am being too obscure. Oops!

    It looks like the two of you are ready to go on an adventure...

  8. Thank you for taking me on this tour of a far away land. My favourite Dali painting is his Swans reflecting Elephants. I have never looked at either the bird or the beast in quite the same way since I found it.
    And the portrait of you and your Dulcinea is brilliant - so life like.

  9. Didn't run into any Rab's James, which is interesting. Probably just missed him. I did admire a statue of Robert Louis Stevenson though.

    I like obscure, Cherie (or if I remove that comma the meaning will change to: I like obscure Cherie) :)

    Glad you enjoyed it TEC. I will seek out that painting you refer to. I'm sure I will have seen it but can't recall it.

  10. Excellent place.It's a long time since I've been there though

  11. I love those heads and the bear. Nice teeth.