Saturday, 6 October 2012

Glum fun

My old pal Andrew
was sitting in a pub today
surrounded by other nearly-deads
and wondering what to say
So he asked a few old fellas
what makes them get out of bed
"My bladder, my guts, my dear old Mum"
is what three of them said
"What about interests, what about fun?"
asked Andrew, trying to avoid the glum
"Fun?" One pondered, while trying to remember
then adding, "the last time I had fun was in late December
eh... 1983..."
Oh deary deary me


  1. Oh deary me indeed...

    Reasons (for a night owl) to get out of bed:

    Well those thoughts worked for this night owl ;-)

    And of course the first photo was a challenge and delivery of a promise, which involved me getting up a little earlier than I would have done under the circumstances!

    Reasons to be happy ;-) Ignore those glum friends...

  2. Thanks. I will look at the photos soon, and as for the glum friends, I think they were joking, at least partly, although with Scotsmen in their mid to late 50s it's sometimes hard to tell.

    The Don finds fun every day, although sometimes only after a bit of a hunt.

  3. Ah yes, the glory of a sunrise. It is reaching the time of year when I may be able to catch one again.


  4. There is not nearly enough fun in the world - just as there is not enough silliness. Fortunately I find (or create) both each day. My bladder might get me up, but it is not what keeps me up.

  5. It is reaching that time of year when I captured that sunrise photo challenge for you ;-)

    I am not promising another one this year though :-)

    The hunt for fun is always worth it.



  6. The last time I had fun was 5 minutes ago when I was sent back to the nearly dead man of 57. It all depends on what one calls fun of course.

  7. Now now, wasn't it fun writing that poem?

  8. Yes it was fun, Knatolee
    though perhaps not as much fun
    as I had in 1983 :)

  9. The bladder is not a body part to be discounted.

  10. Hahahahaha! Yes, having to pee does make one get up earlier than planned.

  11. It rarely makes me stay up though, if it's on a day when a warm bed can be returned to.