Friday, 12 October 2012

A pyramid on Mars

Here, courtesy of NASA, is a pyramid on Mars

This image shows where NASA's Curiosity rover aimed two different instruments to study a rock known as "Jake Matijevic."

and since it is only a few inches high it offers conclusive proof that Martians were (and perhaps still are) very tiny compared to us.

What other logical conclusion could there be?


  1. There wery tiny Egyptians on Mars?

    Oh hang on... It looks like a fossilesed segment of a toblerone bar!!

  2. Or there were huge Martians in Egypt?

    But chocolate on Mars? Suddenly sending humans rather than robots makes sense :)

  3. We've been inundated, and slowly infected, by Mars chocolate bars for years. and you still didn't know where they came from?

    As for the size of Martians, it all depends on where they decide to be and what they plan to do on certain days.

  4. Do you think they lived in there or were just buried?

  5. I stick to only the unquestionable conclusion that Martians were very small. The rest is dubious speculation :)

  6. Damn it then they could be anywhere!

  7. Your house is probably hooching with them Jams (unless Ted has licked them all up).