Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A break from thinking

Overheard in a coffee shop today, a woman sitting behind me and complaining about someone as follows:

'He's one of those people who has to think about everything, and it's driving us all mad. Why can't he just let things happen and not analyze everything and worry about everything?'

Oh, I thought, does she mean me?

But turning round revealed that she was a stranger to me, even though she knew so much about my mind.

So I went for a swim, as planned, but instead of ruminating on everything as I usually do when swimming, I tried not to think about anything. There is an archway from inside leading to an outdoor pool, where I swam around alone on my back and watched many big heavy clouds scudding by on a wild wind below patches of clear blue sky. It was very relaxing.

Thanks, lady in the coffee shop, for a more pleasant afternoon than I might otherwise have experienced.


  1. Sometimes you've got to let the mind clear and enjoy the moment

  2. How weird. Now I can no longer see it either. Essentially my original commment said that I agree whole-heartedly. I use my time in the pool for planning, menus, tasks, the universe. Since I cannot smell the roses from the pool perhaps I just need to savour the moment. Each and every lap.

  3. You succeeded this time though, strange Tigerish-looking child of an elephant :)

    Welcome, and thanks again for the inspiration and little boost you provided for me today.

  4. There I am, having taught my kids to think, think, THINK....

    Too late to undo the damage!

    Ah! well...I'll enjoy my non-thoughts in secret. At my age, I don't have to report to them. Or do I?

  5. I think you should Claude... but then I think too much.

  6. I've been told I think too much.
    I have mixed feelings about that.
    I think it depends on the context, or the subject, or my state of mind at the time, or...
    I do try to avoid rumination; not good to think and think around and around the same old thing over and over and over...
    There's a lot to be said for "being in the moment" though...

  7. It's getting the balance right Synco, isn't it? And the direction of thoughts. You have identified my main thinking problem - the same damn thing again and again and again, especially when there is nothing I can do about it. Tires me out but it is hard to stop sometimes. Thinking that leads to new thoughts is more fun, and more useful.

  8. I've been taking anti-depressants for a long time. One of the main benefits to me has been that with them I'm usually able to halt the downward spiral of a rumination by some means or other of distraction, whereas before I could not stop.

  9. I am glad to hear that the chemistry helps.