Saturday, 27 October 2012

Leafy by lamplight and words that stumble

Now here, I do believe that Don QuiScottie of Tayside may have invented an even more awful way with words than dear old McGonagall the Tayside Tragedian. But I like the moody photos.

Is this a poem, or is it prose? It rhymes a bit, but also stutters, somewhat, as it goes. Just words together, that is all, above photos of leaves, and some flowers against a dark night wall. No flash, I hate harsh flash, just the street-lamp-light on a walk this late night, the evening when the clocks go back and the dark nights begin, and I, for one, say 'bring them in'; for I like the seasons, as one of the reasons, for walking out, then walking in. And I have realised I often find it easier to be cheerful, when some people expect things to be bad, easier to defiantly find happiness, when some expect me to be sad. I do like the spring, but somewhat fear the summer, for when sunshine shines, I sometimes, obstinately, feel glummer. I'm smiling now, indeed I am, so you smile too please, if smile you can.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Here we go again

Walking from the car to the lecture theatre again to talk about chemistry and energy and things that make things change, again, and again, and again. So predictable sometimes... life, light, leaf, me... Still, a nice sight to see, this tree.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Another interface?

I am rather hesitant about sitting on this interesting bench, in case I fall through into another world, but it does look quite an inviting place to fall into.

I have been thinking of taking a rest from this nonsense for a while anyway, but usually when I say that I soon find some new nonsense I feel I need to share. I'll be back when I'm back.

Spaceshipwreck auto-oxidizing fast

Monday, 22 October 2012

Parts of something from somewhere else

That last photo is a bit blurry because the thing started to vibrate when I got too close. I do things I am not meant to do to bring images back to this place. Then when I returned to look a little later things had changed.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Through Alien Eyes

It took a bit of bio-electrical engineering and photo-wavelength compensation, but Aileen the Alien tells me these should be quite accurate for a sunny afternoon on Earth through her eyes, the second one in brighter sunshine than the first.

Now I realise she probably meant it literally when she told me I looked a bit blue. It also makes me appreciate her comment that we all look very similar to her (just as her lot look all much the same to me, until you get used to one or two of them in detail).

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery

An interesting afternoon at Kelvingrove in Glasgow while the rain hammered down remorselessly outside, seemingly depositing much of the Atlantic ocean on the city. Inside the wonderful big old building we found many fine things, including

a Spitfire

one of Salvador Dali's most famous paintings

Lots of expressions on hanging heads

Even a very realistic painting of The Great Don QuiScottie and his Dulcinea

among other fine Scottish paintings

and an angry bear that the Don soon chased off

out into wet Glasgow and away

Monday, 15 October 2012

North-East in October

 Breakfast in Stonehaven then a walk along the beach and around the harbour

 Coffee, cake and a wander in "The Granite City" of Aberdeen


Saying hello to King Robert the Bruce

Then dinner on the way home at a riverside restaurant in Dundee, with the Tay Rail Bridge in the distance

while thinking of McGonagall
and trying to make a rhyme
but managing nothing quite as bad
as he did all the time

A pleasant day out

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Visit to Vision and Verb

I was invited to make a guest post on the interesting Vision and Verb website, which is "A Global Gathering of Women".  My goodness... How could the gallant Don refuse? It was nice of them to invite me, a mere man (although of course a bold and noble one), to offer an image and some words for them to consider. Please take a look at my vision and my verbs which have appeared today, and explore everything else they have to offer:

Friday, 12 October 2012

A pyramid on Mars

Here, courtesy of NASA, is a pyramid on Mars

This image shows where NASA's Curiosity rover aimed two different instruments to study a rock known as "Jake Matijevic."

and since it is only a few inches high it offers conclusive proof that Martians were (and perhaps still are) very tiny compared to us.

What other logical conclusion could there be?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Glum fun

My old pal Andrew
was sitting in a pub today
surrounded by other nearly-deads
and wondering what to say
So he asked a few old fellas
what makes them get out of bed
"My bladder, my guts, my dear old Mum"
is what three of them said
"What about interests, what about fun?"
asked Andrew, trying to avoid the glum
"Fun?" One pondered, while trying to remember
then adding, "the last time I had fun was in late December
eh... 1983..."
Oh deary deary me

Why does it always rain on him?

The roof above my son's office leaks, repeatedly, and gets fixed, then leaks again next time a big storm comes. This is him looking seriously fed up that it always floods down onto his chair, and his desk.

Now... Please consider... This is in the nuclear physics department of the university. He is a clever lad, more clever than me, so why does this thought never occur to him? ...Move your desk... Too busy thinking about sub-atomic particles and supernovae for that, apparently. His Dad may have to go in and move it for him. They never really leave you... children.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Out of the blue

Spinning across a clear blue sky, and moving damn fast too, so I was lucky to get the picture... all of which is true.